The Work

_DBR0242-modKeith makes dances about people. Driven by a fascination for what motivates individuals to act, he brings physical and emotional environments to the stage and creates portraits of people and places by defining culture, time and place. He reveals his point of view through articulate movement exploration and clear compositional development. Often beginning his work with a question, he arranges his research and findings into compelling neo-narratives.  After re-locating to southern California, he explored the surf community in Mavericks, the phenomenon of hope in Audacious and the inter-generational passing of culture in Far From Home.

Since 2007, Keith has been bringing dances to neighborhood coffeehouses, interacting with audiences in up-close-and-personal surroundings across Los Angeles county.  With an occasional touch of comic irony, the choreography is filled with an athletic physicality layered over a vocabulary of detailed nuance. His goal is to find the language that best communicates specific human situations.

Accompaniments chosen to enrich the choreographic themes range from original scores commissioned especially for the work, to the use of silence, spoken word and varied musical styles. These have included classical, country-western, opera, minimalist and popular music. The combined elements–movement, text, music and video–charge audiences with direct, vital and thought provoking ideas and images. This work has been performed across the U.S., as well as in Canada and Mexico.